Welcome to The State of the Kitchen!

I have always thought of myself as quite a cook.  I can make just about any food you can imagine, and I really enjoy spending time in my kitchen.  I also love travel, history, politics, and the world’s greatest country, The United States!

So the State of the Kitchen Blog comes from the idea of a really awesome family friend. He started hosting these fancy parties and it looked like so much fun! (Honestly, Jay and his mother are a ton of fun so him being great at this should be no surprise!) So of course I had to steal the idea from him and do it myself. Thanks Jay!


The goal of this dinner party series is to host 50 dinner parties, and for each of them to be themed around one of the USA’s 50 states.  At these parties the food will be authentic (well as close to authentic as possible).  Researching the food in depth before I put it all together, to ensure I truly capture the culture and deliciousness of every piece of food. 

While some of the food may not be something I traditionally eat I promise to taste everything and give you some honest feedback.  Then throughout the month I will post all the recipes I used, and explain how I made everything, where I got some of the crazy ingredients (Rocky Mountain Oyster? Yeah we are doing them!), and then how the party came together. 

It should be a blast!  Oh, and did I mention I’m going to drag all my friends and my lovely husband on this adventure with me? I can’t wait to get started! I have created a plan to get us through all the states, and if we are lucky this whole adventure should last about 5 years…no biggie.