About the Cooks

Hi! I’m Kourtney Roe.  I am a lover of all things food, and the head chef in this dinner party series. I don’t have a culinary degree and for the most part everything I’ve learned has come from my long lineage of amazing female relatives, and the Pioneer Woman. 

I have a love for butter only rivaled by Paula Deen, and a love for all things cast iron. I am terrible at frying, but I love anything that requires me to use a kitchen torch or my KitchenAid mixer.  I dream of a large walk in pantry where I can keep EVERYTHING I need, and of owning every color of Fiestaware ever made. 

Outside of the kitchen I am a Jesus freak, a teacher, a half marathon runner and a fur-mom to two adorable labradors and a grey kitten.  I watch TGIT religiously, and have slowly morphed from watching Saturday Morning Cartoons into watching Saturday morning cooking shows. Second only to Jesus, the people I want to meet are Ree Drummond and Dolly Parton. And since I met Ree Drummond in 2017, looks like Dolly is next!

I think all meals should be shared around the kitchen table, but since work is a necessity I settle for dinner. Nothing in my life is overly glamorous, and I like it that way.  I’m just a wife feeding my friends and family, and trying to find a way to do it in the most interesting way possible.

This is Andrew, my husband, and my sous chef, if you please.  He likes to help me with my crazy ideas, and since the last time I tried to grill anything I almost blew up the grill, he handles the more manly side of things.  Andrew is a smoker of meats, a grill master and a craftsman.

He’s a big fan of Boston Butts, Prime Rib, and he can cook the most perfect medium steak in the world. He also forces me to meal prep every week, because “we” need to “lose” weight.   Although this big teddy bear looks so sweet and handsome, don’t be fooled.  If you sneak home a box of candy or try to make a brownie in a mug he will sniff it out, like the grizzly he is, and drop the “I’m so disappointed in you” line. 

Outside of cooking he is a Jesus lover, bass fisher, and a wannabe runner.  He helps me parent our furchildren, and he really enjoys making things out of wood.  His talents are endless and he is the perfect partner for this adventure.

I might be biased but I’m pretty positive I have the best sous chef in the world.  So while I will be working hard in the kitchen he will be handling the stuff that requires flammable liquids.  Did I mention he has a degree in Fire, Arson, and Explosion Investigations.  So yeah, I leave the open flames to him.